Packaging and Process Evaluation

When it comes to Packaging and Shipping Processes are you sure you are using the Right Products & Solutions?

Please let an experienced Dorfin Account  Executive with industry knowledge of proven best practices analyze your current practices for:

  • Use and closure of corrugated cartons.
  • Pallet protection, security and wrapping.
  • The way you manage and dispense soap and paper in washrooms.
  • And more.

A Dorfin Account Executive will meet with you and review the current list of products that you use.

  • We will review the processes where these products are used.
  • We will recommend industry best practices and solutions leveraging our 50 + years
    of experience with the complete understanding of your requirements and processes.
  • The results will astound you, as we will most likely find a better solution
    and in the process effect cost savings for you of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40 % or more.