Sanitation Supplies

Sanitation supplies

As a leading distributor of sanitation supplies in Canada, we strive to source the best available goods for our customers. We provide the finest sanitation supplies including quality papers and dispensing systems.

Whether you are a small business or an established enterprise with numerous facilities and offices, you can rely on our top quality sanitation supplies to service your employees and customers.

Our durable sanitation supplies include towel dispensers, various cleaners, gloves, tissues, hand cleaners, household paper towels, hand care systems, toilet roll towels and toilet tissue dispensers, sanitary maintenance, various wipers, cloths and plastic aprons.

Our high quality toweling and bathroom tissue dispensing systems prevent run-out and completely stop waste. Using our janitorial supplies, your facilities will remain clean for longer and create a more pleasant environment for your staff and customers.

For more information about our sanitation supplies, we invite you to contact one of our account managers today.

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